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Left: York, J. Bourne, 1803, engraving.Right: York from Severus Hill, Thomas White, 1802, watercolour.
Minster from the Foss, Sophia Nicholson, 1803, watercolour.
Left: View of the West Front of York Cathedral, J. Carter, 1809, engraving.Above: The West Towers of the Minster, Paul Sandby Munn, 1810, pencil and watercolour on paper.
North West aspect of York Cathedral, Charles Wild, 1809, engraving.
For "The Beauties of England and Wales", J.P. Neale, 1813, engraving.
South East View of York, Henry Cave, 1816, etching and aquatint.
York Cathedral, G. Stonley, 1817 reprint, engraving.
York Minster, S.E., J.C. Buckler, 1816, engraving.
York Cathedral, View from the Ramparts, F. Mackenzie, 1818, engraving.
York Minster from the North-East, Henry Cave, 1819, aquatint.
Cathedral Church of York, South West View, Henry Cave, 1819, steel engraving.
York Minster from opposite the Manor Shore, F. Nicholson, 1816, watercolour.
N.W. End of York Cathedral, H.S. Stover, 1819, engraving.
York Cathedral Church, View of the South Transept, F. Mackenzie, 1818, engraving.
York Minster Moon-light view, C. Stanfield, 1820-1850, steel engraving.
York from Screvus's Hill, engraved by James Basire, after Henry Cave, 1820-50 (original 1800-1820), engraving.
North East View of York, T.N., 1821, engraving.
York from Layerthorpe, G. Hawkins, 1850-70, lithograph.
Petergate, with part of York Minster, J. Netherclift, after Mrs Heming, 1850-90 (original 1800-1820), lithograph.
King’s Square, Henry Cave, 1800-1830, etching.
Left:York Cathedral from South West, W. Monkhouse, after W. Bevan, 1820-40, lithograph.Top: York Cathedral from the North West, F. Bedford, 1820-50, lithograph. Bottom: York from the South East, N. Whittock, 1835, engraving.